Sunday, August 20, 2006

Leaky finances

Sigh. Finances went somewhat out of control this month. Hp bill shot up, transportation and food expenses also took on a life of their own. Hopefully it's just a hiccup, cos the expenses really are unexpected. The rising Hp cost does worry some though, don't think it'll come down the rate everyone's calling mi at work and in private.

On the plus side, there is some extra positive cashflow into mi accounts this month. Also mi still will be able to keep within budget if practise some frugality the remainder of the month. not too difficult.

Finally got to play a couple rounds of magic today, had to leave early though. Think mi playing ability has really gone down, not as sharp as mi used to be. too many things on the mind perhaps, but it's not a valid excuse. given the limited amount of time mi have available to play, every game should be 100% focused. not doing that apparently. sigh. on the plus side again, never has mi pentavus got so much attention before. mi sure that it's the most happy card in mi decks today. on the minus side, distraction caused mi the game where the bus could have won it. oh well, lack of skill n concentration. must really find back mi focus soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mana Gods have mercy ... pls ..

What's a good sign that one hasn't blogged for a long time?

Forgetting your login password ... or ID for that matter ... hahaha

Well, almost had to click on the "forgot password?" link, but remembered mi password on the third attempt. heh.

Nothing really much to blog about in recent months, work isn't the most exciting thing to remember at the end of the day when mi am supposing to be chilling in front of the comp.

Been looking thru mi decks in the recent weeks, although mi usual policy is once a deck has been finalised, mi will keep it the way it is all the way. Worked quite well for mi so din really consider modifying old creations, instead focusing on new ideas and stuff. Had unconsciously been stuck on autopilot mode and never realising it, even when the so called "established" decks started flopping against makeshift decks the pple in mi group were using. Guess it's really like what mi trainer was saying: pple only remember the few times they won, and forget all those times they lost, even though they lost more than they won, they still won't change, believing that their judgement was correct and still is.

Took a long hard look at the stuff mi had before, and then started throwing away cards mi never thought of removing from the decks and adding in supposedly "underpowered" cards ... should see how mi black weenie deck looks like now ... scarily scary. (dunno why others always refer it as sui-black, mi always thought of it as an efficient weenie deck)

Been having a headache trying to come up with a deck for xp, so far comparing card for card, it's already the most expensive one that mi have ever tried to build .. but it just wouldn't gel ... headache. hmm ... idea just struck. hehehehehe *grin*

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Been playing Settlers of Catan online for the past 2 weeks ever since mi played that 3vil game at Settlers cafe a few weeks back. Had watched some of mi frens play during CNY but din really play it miself until the bball gathering at the Holland V Settlers cafe there.

First impression (CNY): it's just another resource gathering/building stuff/trading board game for kids n childish adults.

Second impression (Settlers): it's a Game of the Year resource gathering/building stuff/trading board game for kids n childish adults. hmm.. seems well thought out enough .. the designers deserve some kudos (at least there's no broken rules or loopholes that mi 3vil l33t twin could exploit). maybe it's cos it's mi first time playing, or that xp was pouncing on mi 455 the whole evening for dropping the robber on her turf, mi still didn't have a good impression of the game. the feeling is the same as playing monopoly or risk: you can have the best plan, the most ideal strategy, but if the dice dun fall your way, you're screwed over n over and someone else beats you to the good spot even though they may have no idea what their game plan is. simply put, it's a game of chance. and mi dun like games of chance.

third impression (online): Settlers is a great game, totally deserving of it's game of the year title. mi felt that mi have matured quite abit more as a player and person just by playing the game over and over. (xp as well too, since we play together quite often. she's really growing as a player. proud of ya dear!)

The reason why it's such a good game? cos it teaches you politics. yup, mi didn't type wrongly. it's the single most important skill a person needs to have in order to live well and survive in this world. no other skill or ability comes even close to second. every action that you choose to make in the game, affects the political relationship between the players. From where you place your initial settlements and roads to the subsequent trading of resources and expansion of your territories or armies, your decisions will affect other players' attitudes towards you. To mi, the most important political gamepiece on the board is the robber. This game is good, it gives everyone the chance to be the bad guy. By moving the robber, you can choose who you wanna sabo and also steal their resources. Of cos, whoever that owns the hex where the robber visits will be damn pissed with you. This game really mirrors real life quite well in general.

Wrote a whole lot more, but deleted the stuff. Felt like mi was rambling liao so decided to stop. (It also gets abit boring to be staring at your own blog entry for 3 hours. heh). nuff said! ;p

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Happy New Year!

Went on MSN today, been ages since mi last logged on. Wanted to extend greetings to pple .. only saw 1 person online. haha. And seems like he's not around on the comp too. hahaha.

Anyway, mi best wishes to all and hope that all you folks have a happy and prosperous new year, may you all enjoy good health, good relationships and good fortunes throughout the year of the dog. once again, Happy CNY!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


mi dogs were totally pooped .. so slowed down and walked abit today instead of the usual jogging pace. body still needs more time to condition even though mi already trying to take it slow and easy. gotta have patience mi guess .. have to think long term instead of sweating for the short term gains. history has taught mi that it doesn't work. hah.

that's all there is .. blogging about work isn't really an exciting prospect. and to think most of the available time each day is spent at work ... reminds mi of a phrase mi overheard someone say during lunch sometime ago: we work hard to sustain life. but those who work hard, don't have much life.

gd'nite folks

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


originally, the heading was going to be "windstruck" or something like that .. cos that's probably how mi would remember the past few days at work .. either standing at a remote bay and watching engineers & techs working on an aircraft engine, or standing at a remote part of the airport watching planes take off and land and all the while strong winds were buffeting mi all around. never would have imagined places with strong winds existed in our little country .. felt really refreshing to just stand n stare n feel the wind all around mi ... shiok

been awhile, hence the title. why? probably cos of changes, both within & without. more of within mi suppose .. the spirit within feeling somewhat invigorated. effects of too much standing in the wind ... or just the feeling of walking around in the airport in the morning, breathing in the fresh air, seeing the wide expanse, the long runways, planes taking off and landing .. and all of the sudden, the spirit just takes off, spreading wider and wider .. the sense of freedom and wanderlust returning

like the first breath of spring
that melts the wynter night's snow,
so be the strands of yester's shadows
driven off by t'day's morning glow

a stirring within, then a blink
awake from dreamless slumber,
the spirit takes wing
kindles a forgotten wonder

a new year, good or bad whether
maybe gainful, maybe sorrow
but the mindful suffers neither
cos freedom tis .. having faith in t'morrow